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Maintenance Guide for Mobile Homes: Tricks and Tips

For many, mobile homes offer a housing solution which is both popular and affordable. To keep mobile homes in top shape, they require the same regular maintenance as any other home. This article contains some mobile homes maintenance.

Roof Inspection

Your mobile house’s roof has a vital role to play. As you inspect your roofing, look for leaks and cracks. You can also inspect your roof to see if there is any debris that might have accumulated. Debris on the roofing system will cause more damage with time. You can prevent water damage by keeping your gutters clear of all debris.

It is important to inspect your siding

Another important component of your mobile homes that needs regular maintenance is the siding. Inspect the siding for cracks and other signs of damage. If you see any problem, take action immediately to stop further damage. Clean your siding using a pressure washer, or mild soap to make it look its best.

Make sure to maintain your HVAC System

You mobile home’s HVAC system keeps it comfortable at all times. Your system must be maintained on a regular basis to make sure it functions correctly. Have your system maintained by a pro at least once every year.

Examine Your Plumbing

In the event that you do not address your plumbing issue, it can have a significant impact on the structure of your mobile. Inspection of your pipes or plumbing fixtures is important to check for damage, corrosion and leaks. Any problems should be addressed immediately in order to avoid more costly repair costs.

Be sure to check the windows and doors

You mobile home’s doors and windows can contribute to a large amount of energy waste. If you find any drafts, or major air leaks in your home’s windows or doors, seal them using weatherstripping and caulking. For energy savings, consider upgrading to energy-efficient Windows and Doors.

Maintain Your Skirting

The skirting surrounding your mobile homes acts as barrier between you and the earth. Examine your skirting frequently for any damage. Cracks and holes are common. If you notice any damage, repair it immediately to stop pests and moisture getting inside your home.

Keep Your Mobile Home Level

It is important to install mobile homes onto a leveled surface. In time your mobile may shift, making it unlevel. This may cause your mobile home to become unlevel, causing damage and making it unsafe for you to live there. You should regularly check the foundation to your mobile house and make adjustments if needed.