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Face Plastic Surgery: It Makes a Big Difference

There are so many options and procedures available that it’s no surprise most consumers do not know what to pursue. Not only should you research any plastic surgeons that you may consult, but you also need to do some homework on the treatments and procedures they offer. Potential patients are under the impression that people who choose to have a Seattle Facial Plastic Surgery will appear stretched or taut. It is not true. The truth is, an excellent facelift will not show to others. When a total stranger is able to tell that you’ve had facial plastic surgery, the procedure hasn’t been performed well. It is more likely that someone with a youthful appearance for his or her age has had a good facial cosmetic surgery.

Face rejuvenation is a multi-faceted process. Other treatments may be less invasive. Surgery can produce different results than Botox or Fillers. This is often confusing to patients. Surgery is done to move sagging, lax tissue that has dropped due to gravity or aging. Botox blocks nerve function. This toxin prevents muscles in the face from reacting to nerve impulses. Because the muscles cannot move, they appear to be smoother. Botox, unfortunately, can give some patients a frozen, unnatural appearance. That is why I don’t use it. The filler is a mixture of substances that are injected in the wrinkle area to soften lines and furrows. Different types of fillers last for different amounts of time, from four to two years.

When patients exhibit signs of aging on the face such as wrinkles, sagging, wrinkling, or aged-looking skin, I find that a three-pronged approach is best. It includes skin care and fillers along with surgery. It is important to remember that if you omit any of these components, your results may not be the best. Some patients find it difficult to determine which procedures are best for their needs. Patients want to achieve the best possible result with the longest-lasting effect. However, some patients seek shortcuts because they are cheaper or faster. Many of the popularized procedures aren’t effective over time but they can still be very expensive. It is best to seek out a plastic surgeon with experience who has performed at least 25 facelifts in a given year.