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London Tours That Make A Difference

A tour of London can seem like a simple open-top sightseeing bus that takes you around all the main tourist attractions. London is much more than Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London or the Houses of Parliament. You can discover a completely different side to London, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. You can see Tower of London Tour for more information.

There are seven unique tours that you can take, regardless of whether or not you live in the area.

One. London Street Art Tour — a totally unique and off-the wall experience. This tour gives you an up-close look at the work of some of London’s finest street artists. The tour will be of interest to those who think that the art world doesn’t require a traditional gallery.

Two. The tour will take you through historic alehouses from the 16th century and notorious drinking dens. Bottoms Up!

Three. Death and Debauchery is the perfect evening tour for anyone looking to spice up their night. London is full of history, including murders, crimes and epidemics. Stories of grave robbing, gruesome hangings and even the notorious two-headed Bengali child are amongst some of the highlights. Ghost walks are not the only thing that this tour has to offer.

Four. Andrew Mitchell’s Jack the Ripper Walking Tours combine comedy with an informative tour.

Five. Harry Potter might have retired his wand, but Warner Bros Studios still offers a chance to enjoy the magic. There, you can explore beautiful sets, see costumes and props while sipping a cold glass of butterbeer or even flying a magical broomstick. It’s a must-see behind-the scenes tour of one of the most famous film series in history.

Six. Charles Dickens was an author who influenced many writers in London. So if Harry and his antics weren’t ‘cultured enough’ for you then you could always follow Charles Dickens in London as he explores the sites that were influential to his writing. Old Curiosity Shop at Lincoln’s Inn is a great place to get your mind going.

You can also hire a bicycle to explore the city from a saddle height. And seven.

The addition of an alternative tour to your London vacation will enhance the experience, regardless if you are visiting at any time. It makes perfect sense to book overnight accommodations in London during the summer when you have long, sunny days.